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Cedar, Fir, and Juniper were handcrafted and named after the respective trees regardless of form in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your Christmas concept.

Small (Raw) -3 piece

Small (Color) - 6 piece

Medium (Raw) - 3 piece

Medium (Color) - 6 piece   

Medium (Brass/Bronze) - 6 piece

Large (Raw) - 3 piece 

Large (Color) - 6 piece   

Large (Brass/Bronze) - 6 piece  

Main Product
Product Details: Cedar / maxi, midi and mini sizes are available.

Our product is made cedar wood and completely handcrafted. Each type of wood has a unique pattern, texture, shade, and vein pattern. These differences give a unique identity to each Ananas Woodworking product. Capillary cracks, wormholes, and deformations caused by environmental factors (seasonal deformations) highlight the naturalness of the wood.

Delivery time: 3 business days.

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