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LEAF Serving Board

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Leaf has been designed for service and presentation and is made of solid oak wood. The arrangement of the grooves on its surface prevents the juices of food from dripping. It is ideal for the presentation of fish, cheese, and meat on your table. 

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Product Details: Solid Oak / K:45*15*3 B: 54*20*3 *Maintenance: The residues on the surface should be wiped with a damp cloth or brush, and should not be thrown into the dishwasher.
Tag: Oak, Tray

Our product is made of oak wood and completely handcrafted. Each type of wood has a unique pattern, texture, shade, and vein pattern. These differences give a unique identity to each Ananas product. Capillary cracks, wormholes, and deformations caused by environmental factors (seasonal deformations) highlight the naturalness of the wood. Due to its structure, wood is not resistant to chemicals, acidic liquids, cleaning products, impact, direct flame contact, friction, or contact with high-temperature materials (cups, pots, etc.). 100% organic oil with the “Fit For Food” certificate has been applied on the wood to preserve it. Awarded by Eurofins, the Fit For Food certificate is important for the production and testing of food contact products and is considered essential due to market demands.

We process kiln-dried wood for you (7 to 12 percent). Still, you should keep your product away from water, flame, moisture, and sunlight, the greatest enemies of wood. Thus, you can eliminate any imperfection, mark, or stain that may be caused by use.

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